Elena, Madrid.

Elena, Madrid.

Elena, Madrid.

Elena, Madrid.

Brother Artu, Madrid.

Frank Berjim. Madrid, Spain.

Bali, Indonesia.

Yakubu stands on the highest roof in Rwanda's capital city, Kigali.

Uncle Jose. Madrid, Spain

My brother Javi. Madrid, Spain.

David. Galicia, Spain.

Hirwa Chris, a Rwandan contemporary dancer. Kigali, Rwanda.

After failing to find a job related to Psychology, her career, Silvia joined the Navy in the lowest rank. Ferrol, Spain.

Innocent Nkurunziza, one of Rwanda's prominent contemporary artists, portrayed in his studio at Inema Art Center, Kigali.

Thania, a 20 year old transgender. Bali, Indonesia.

Borja. Ferrol, Spain.

Cory, a 24 year old transgender, at Batu Belig beach. Bali, Indonesia.

Lilian walking through drying maize in Impabaruta cooperative. Lilian created a health care app and now she is developping one to improve Rwanda's maize seed industry. Southern province, Rwanda.